The script, however, is the production’s finest feature. The narratives of each vignette are beautifully written, with lines frequently in verse and featuring well-balanced and evocative flourishes of figurative description. Surprising turns of phrase and twists of wordplay consistently hit-home and add layers of meaning that are accessible and not over-complicated.
— Fresh Air Review, 2015

Winner of the Doric Wilson Award for Intercultural Dialogue

International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival 2015


Told through a series of fifteen vignettes utilizing a mixture of dance, music, and spoken word, By the Bi addresses how society’s views and isolation of bisexual culture contributes to perpetuating harmful bisexual stereotypes of greediness, promiscuity, and confusion. It also brings to light the alarmingly high statistic rates of suicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape that too often become a reality for many bisexual young adults due to society’s perception of their sexuality.

By the Bi is not only a show but a proactive step towards revolutionary social change. It gives a voice to a voiceless community and sheds light on issues of not only bisexual inequality but of human inequality. 

"There is an integrity in this pleasing production that deserves audiences of all ages and persuasions. Is the B silent in LGBT? It no longer is in “By the Bi”. Worth seeing." - AO'B, Dublin 2015

Nominated for Best New Writing and Best Male Performance, Dublin 2015

Long-listed for Amnesty International UK's Freedom of Expression Award, Edinburgh 2015