Morgan Barbour

Hair: Dark Brown     Eyes: Brown     Height: 5'6  Measurements: 34-27-38

REGIONAL THEATRE                                                                                                                  

In Dublin Fair City                                 Ensemble                 Smock Alley Theatre

Uncle Tom: De-Constructed                Ensemble                 The Conciliation Project

Genocide Trail                                      Ensemble                  The Conciliation Project

By the Bi                                                Ensemble                  Blazing Change Players

Strike a Chord                                      Joan                           Carpenter Science Theatre

Chasing Infinity                                    Sally                           Carpenter Science Theatre


It's a Wonderful Life                             Violet Bick                Theatre VCU

Romeo and Juliet                                 Juliet                         Guildhall School of Music & Drama

The Sports Page                                  Ensemble                  Theatre VCU

Melange (original cast)                        Abigail                        Theatre VCU

You, Me, and Everyone We Know     The Model                  Theatre VCU

An Evening of Stand Up Comedy       Herself                       Theatre VCU


Instinct                                                  Lead                            Mariana Oliveira

                   First Dates                                            Supporting                  RTÉ2

                    Unexposed                                          Supporting                 Will Bryan



List available upon request.


TAKARAZUKA'S 100th Anniversary   Pre-Production          Patti D'Beck

Amazing Grace: A New Musical         Pre-Broadway          Gabriel Barre


MFA Movement Direction, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, 2018

BFA Theatre Performance, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2014

Acting: David Emerson Toney                      Movement: Patti D'Beck

Film: Paul Michael Valley                              Clown: Drew Richardson

Speech: Susan Schuld                                  Stand Up: Stephen Rosenfield

Voice: Marisa Guida                                      Dance: Starr Foster

Summer 2013 Intensive, Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Training with Patsy Rodenburg, Kenneth Rea, Martin Connor, Wyn Jones


Lyra, Trapeze (static), Pole, Gymnastics, Contemporary Dance, Judo, Juggling, Rola-Bola, Archery, Knife Throwing, Yoga/Acro Yoga, Welding, Life Model, Movement Director
Dialects: Neutral American, Southern (USA), Brooklyn (USA), Estuary